Kami-chan.x3 (eCard Portfolio) failure is not permitted.

failure is not permitted.

In This Cruel World Failure is Not Permitted.
(Because if you do fail, Tsuna will pwn you.)

For Aishia's "TheO Fighter!" Challenge

Tsunayoshi Sawada, Vongola Decimo, is the strongest. So it only makes sense to choose the strongest as my fighter, right? Plus he's ohmygodnosebleed cute ( .3. ).

  • Tsuna's "win quote" should be something like "I'LL _____ WITH MY DYING WILL!!". But I just read this amazing fanfiction about a dark Vongola Decimo who doesn't "permit any failure", so I just went with that. ;P
  • Tsuna-sama's stage would obviously be in Namimori (his hometown). Maybe in Namimori Middle School... but then again there wouldn't be any fight 'cause Hibari would bite us all to death for disturbing the peace.
  • Being the adorable Tunafish he is, he has to have an epic theme song ( :3 ).
  • SPECIAL MOVE: CAMBIO FORMA MODO ATTACO!! Cuz he's hot like that.

*drools* Too much Tuna in one serving...

Made on Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Original Image:

Dedicated to CleaversForKids - I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT. It's an order and you must obey because I'm Vongola Undicesimo. Haha. JK JK. But if you do, I suggest Kyo-san because he has THE BEST theme song ( :U ).


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TheO Fighter!

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