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Hey guys. It's actually been kinda sad lately. Just heard that a student from our school got run over by a car and got killed in the incident. They kept saying his name and everything, and I was like poor kid, though I didn't know him. Soon, though, I saw a picture on the donation box. It was a guy I knew from 6th grade, this really nice kid. And the thing is that no matter what, he was always smiling. We talked once in a while and said hi occasionally. It's just, I feel so sad about his family and everything. He was their only child. He was smart and had a good education, but in a second, it was all gone. Thats how delicate life is, and thinking about it is just a horrible feeling.

So this card is to persuade all of you guys to smile. Smile at those people you hate, those people you love, those people you don't know, everyone. You don't know when you'll ever see them again. And you don't know how many days that smile will make. I've actually learned a lot from his death. People say you should benefit from a person's death, and not let their life go to waste. I believe that, you should be a new person, give you an experience.

I hope you guys like it. ♥

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