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Wow, I didn't know this would take so long lol. This is the card I took my most time on. *does happy dance*

Well, as you all know, this was for Sephine-Chan's E-Card Challenge, Confessions.

=I know, this is very unusual, because usually I'd have another quote or phrase next to Stand By Me. But of course, I ran into some trouble, since the card's color scheme was pink and yellow, two very difficult colors to work with for their brightness, and I just couldn't make it work. Either the pink was too off or too pale, and of course you can't see yellow on yellow flowers, so I gave up.

I know I usually don't change much in my cards, but I wanted to try hard, for a change. You may have noticed that the inside of the flower is pink. How? CUZ I CHANGED IT! Lol. And I wanted to kinda have a bokeh too. And I also changed the color scheme. Wow, I changed so little lol.

Well, now for description. The words, Stand By Me, come from SHINee's song, well, obviously, Stand By Me. IT means, well, to stand by me, and I WANTED to write, "Never leave my side." Like CloudxStrife once said to me, people come and go in your life. And i want you to stay. Well, the person most important to me. I don't ever want them to leave my side, no matter what. Haha, this sounds like a little girl yabbering about her crush lol.


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