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I will Fight

Not much to say about this. Even after the opinions on my post about which version of the card people liked better, I still went against what the majority of the said, at least in the actual submission. I didn't use either versions for the card I'm about to submit, actually XD I made another one with a similar effect to the second on in the post, buuuut it has deeper colors. Maybe it will work? I'm choosing to submit it because I cannot make any typo with the other version that I like enough to submit.

So, there's this version of the card that I don't care for...mostly because of the typo, and then there is this other version of the image.

So yeah, that's all.
I made this for you, Hikari, as a thanks for the birthday gifts/wishes. I used the words "I will fight for the rest of my life to keep you safe" because they fit you, and Aqua because you like her. :3


And people, please lemme know which version you like best? oAo

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