JanetChan (eCard Portfolio) My Only {{ROSE}}

My Only {{ROSE}}

Well, i wanted to enter a challenge, and i found Sephine-chans challenge, Confessions, and i really liked it.

I know this may sound like a Valentines card, and it kinda is. And the meaning is also pretty obvious, but its more than just a V-day card. There are a lot of people in this world, not theotau, the real world, that call me their "best friend" and such. I've actually never had a best friend, cuz either they've moved away or betrayed me. Ever since that, I've kept a distance between my friends so i wouldn't get hurt. But there's this one girl who i truly do think as my one and only best friend. But her Dad is going through this state, where he doesn't talk to anybody anymore and is overprotective of his daughter and cautious of everybody. My parents don't want me to get involved too much with my friend. It's actually very hard for me, cuz when i finally find that one person, it kinda all falls apart. But i feel even more bad for my friend, cuz I'm pretty sure she's the one that's gonna suffer more. I just don't know anymore if being her friend is the right thing to do. Wouldn't that just hurt her more if our friendship falls due to her father? I've always thought about this all the time, and decided, whatever may come in the future, i wouldn't care at all. Even if i have to end my relationship with her, i'll always have her in my heart, a place just for her. That's where the quote comes in. I'll treasure her and our memories we had together forever. Its my promise i made to myself.

*reads the whole thing* GAAH, I DIDN'T MEAN TO!! I'm sorry lol, i just had an outburst. Well, hope you guys like the card and my friendship drama lol.


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