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This is my Valentine for CloudxStrife's Secret Valentine event!

I have a few things to say. First off, I was having a lot of trouble choosing between making a Uruha and a Reita card. I remember back in Jr. High, my friend adored Reita, so my bias side wanted me to pick him. But I think the Uruha turned out to be sufficient enough. I hope. ;n;

I also know this isn't my best card ever. I haven't made one in a while, so I'm rusty, admittedly. My mind has been elsewhere. Not focused on things like TheOtaku. So, I'm sorry it isn't my best work! > n < I wish I could have given it my all, like for most. ;_________;

Lastly, finding something to put as text was HARD. Finally, YouTube showed me the light. xD

The Valentine isn't quite so joyful and splendid. It kind of reflects my mood. DARN IT. I WANTED IT TO BE LOVEY DOVEY AND AWESOME JUST FOR YOU, WINTERLION. BUT I HAVE FAILED. *prepares for seppuku* ; u ;

Lyrics are "Cassis" by The Gazette.

Don't ask about the title, because I don't even know. LOL FFF- QAQ

And darn it. I went to upload and the file dimensions weren't even correct. OTL /tableflip


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cassis, secret valentine, the gazette, uruha, Valentine's Day
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