Hikari the Wolf (eCard Portfolio) Fading Memories

Fading Memories

As time passes...
...All I ever see...
...Are Fading Memories

This is probably the only card I spent alot of time on. I tried out brushes and probably failed...O.o; Those things give me headaches. But somehow through all of it, I ended up with this.
And I have no clue how I did this. But anyway, the quote is actually a personal thing...sorta.

But it has to do with my memory. I have TERRIBLE memory. I think it's partially because I am such a deep thinker that I think of so many things all at once. It's like I have a million whispers in my head. I can admit, my memory could be worse...But just don't rely on me to remember some things. Cause I may end up forgetting and then finally remember at the last minute.

But anyway, another meaning to this is...those that can remember things really well, I think are pretty lucky to have good memory. Can remember clearly about stuff in their childhood. I can barely remember things when I was 7 or 8. Stuff when I was 7 is mixed in when I was 8. I tend to wish I could remember things. Sometimes I think it's for the best the trivial things are forgotten. But sometimes I just have the emotion to just remember. Not for any other reason. I only seem to remember things worth remembering.
And this is pretty bad, but I can't remember much stuff 3 years ago. Which isn't very long. I only remember what's worth remember. And 2 years back, most things are a blur. I can't help not remembering. My mind seems to enjoy the more important things better.
Stuff like death, meeting someone who became close to you, and whenever you've had the time of your life, and all that are the types of things I remember.

It doesn't bother me much, and I'm fine and just go with it...But I'm just saying that I think those with pretty good memory are very lucky to remember stuff far back. That's my opinion anyway.

So how's the card?I'm proud yet partially feel it's inferior.

And the images are both from a gothic art image website... Where the pic with the rose is in the card, it's a separate image but it's cropped. If the picture wasn't there, it'd just be a white-spaced window. I didn't like that white space, so I added to it.>>;

I used a grunge brush and the font used was: JGJ Dürer Gothic

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