Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) boundless love.

boundless love.

Happy Valentine's Day, ChibiSasuke! I'm your secret valentine for CloudxStrife's secret valentine event. :) It's a crazy coincidence that Cain was on your crush list...I had him on mine, too, actually, but I edited my list and took him out cause I thought I had enough...and it might be hard to find scans of him. BUT. Here you also had him. ;) Sooo I figured, why not? Lol! Good taste! <3 I know this ended up being a somewhat morbid valentine's day card lol...but come on, it's Cain. Not exactly hearts and rainbows. XD

I used this scan. I went back to my color splash style...desaturated the pic to make it black and white, and then I added the red lighting on the flowers. Then I figured there needed to be more red accents, so I went over some places with red. Yes, his eyes aren't normally red, but again, it was for the theme lol. >> The text was inspired by To Destination's Boundless Love because it happened to play on my Winamp when I was making the card. >3>

I hope you like it! ;)

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cain, count cain, death, flowers, life, love, red
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