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Hi Hula! I'm your Secret Valentine! :))))

College has been very busy for me. I have a week of break (Feb 13-18) but then I couldn't enjoy it because our professors gave us tons of works to do. I'm quite in a hurry for more paintings and sh*t to do.

I'm so busy I even forgot about my special Feb 13 day. I'm officially two years in theO :)

I'm not into boy to boy shipping. I'm not much into Harry Potter (because I haven't read the books - too expensive, and I only watched the first movie). I forgot you mentioned that you like Draco Malfoy... and not Harry Potter. But I hope you won't mind if I did a famous HP shipping. I wanted to do Hermione & Ron or Hermione & Draco... but I'm out of time. I just rushed this so I'm sorry if your card is not good. :( I'll just bang my head against the wall afterwards.

Inspired from "Abracadabra" by Brown Eyed Girls. Coincidence that HP is about magic and the song just played while I was making this.

I made a 500 x 700 version which I will link later just to make it up for you :) Happy Valentines! :">

I haz no Valentines... I only have my Japanese corns and sweet potatoes to eat this whole week.... can I just marry these corns and potatoes instead?

500 x 700 version

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