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I Heart You

Dedicated to Kelsey, because I haven't dedicated anything to you in ages (not, but I just felt like it) and also because - I refer to the card's message c: Oh, and because you're awesome.

OK, OK, it's the most cliché thing ever, but I've been meaning to do something simple for a while now. Y'know, an e-card you can actually send to someone. And I wanted it to be cute and colorful but not too girly (the flowers and the bishie may contradict what I just said though, but who cares XD). And hooooly crap, I'm participating and not procrastinating until I can't participate anymore! :o

Typography is stolen from another card of mine that I never got to submit.
Font: Lavanderia
Flower pattern: by Crazy Alice (for some reason, it takes me to this account - dunno if it's really the one I got the patterns from, since I got them ages ago)

The rest is just messing around with colors since I didn't want to modify the original art too much. I chose this one because I love it so much, and I didn't know what to do - I just had to make something with it XD

[/shortest description evah]

Source Art
Gen 3 water knuffel ~tavis harts
Original Anime and Manga eCards
bishie, fanart, green hair, heart, knuffel, long hair, love, males, mermaid, merman, original, smexy, smile
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