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I am being inspired in a reason, so
I Pain the Things I Desire
Everything is in the beauty of Art

A pleasant evening/ day to all

I've created this image just to show something about myself. I mean, I'm most of the time alone and lonely especially here inside this house owned by my grandmother.

Whenever I'm in that manner, I'm always writing poems, and also drawing a certain image which shows that I'm in that mood. Besides, I have no choice than to draw and write rather than to talk and shout what I'm feeling inside for how many years. And also, if our family says yes, I can't do a thing to say no about it for if they say yes it is officially yes even though you like it or not.

There the law inside this house so I can't tell what I wanted to tell. Aside from that, if you look at their eyes, you would know that they don't want to feel my existence, otherwise they don't want to see me nor to talk to me and that's why their treating me as a wind that only passed by.

That's the reason why my first best friends up to now are the pencils, pens and papers. Well, I only call them "My Best Friends" for their the one which helped me show my emotions and intentions through art and writing but still, I truly trait my friends here at TheO my Best Friends *smiles*

Image: HERE

Hope you'll be liking it *smiles*

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