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Teehee. Okies. The obsessions challenge...well, I was considering using k-pop of some sort, but I really can't pinpoint a single k-pop group or member I'm really OBSESSED with right now [asked me a year ago, it would've been G-Dragon in an instant]. But lately, for the past few months or so, Alice Nine has stolen my heart. <3 And especially the lead singer, Shou. :] I have mostly been watching their music videos and listening to their music. It really lets me kind of...escape in a way. I mean, I just love their music. I was never one for j-rock (always liked j-pop and k-pop more), but Alice Nine changed that. I can safely say I am obsessed with them...when my avatar folder starts to build up with a certain someone, then I know there's something more there lol! XD And when I get sidetracked from doing something to watch one of their vids...yeah. I love Shou's voice. <3 It's gorgeous. All of the lyrics...whatever he says is beautiful! Just like him. ;) I mean, come on, I don't love PURELY on looks, but you can't deny the beauty Shou has...same with most of Alice Nine. XD Saga was my fave at first...but mehhhhh, Shou is my #1 now. I don't know if I've followed the rules of the challenge totally cause I don't think my reasons are deep enough. >> Buuuuut I can't deny that this card shows my current obsession. <3

I used this scan. And yes, yes yes...once again, monochromatic! Well, the other cards were color splash, but still lol. B/W cards have found their way into my portfolio 2012. XD The quality of the scan wasn't all that great, which is why I decided to go with the black and white look...I also had to smudge parts of his face and neck cause they had the scan's texture on it. :/ Then I added that gray lighting. The words are some of the lyrics from Mirror Ball, which is my favorite song by Alice Nine. :) Especially this live piano version. I can't count how many times I've listened to it. >> It's just so gorgeous and moving. <3


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