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Across The ~Universe~

I am super happy that I could be a part of the 7 day challenge!!! (only 40 mre to go guys, we can do it, I just know it!! T^T)
i would love to thank you ilovetamaki for creating this challenge!!! I just can't wait to see the rest of the entries!! :3
the beatles have been one of my fvorite bands since 3rd grade (woah, has it been THAT long...i'm old...)
this card really came to me fast...but then i kinda tweaked my idea until I had a full image of waht I wanted. this was the result! >//<
some things about this card:

  • it's to the song "Across the Universe" <= well yeah, you should know the band by now, :)
  • the picture is from Kamichama Karin, if not my favorite, tied to be my favorite anime/manga *if my username STILL doesn't give it away.*

now, It may sound cleche' but i picked this song for karin and kazune because they are well...gods! <3 *laughs*
the lyrics jai guru deva om meaning:
Translation from Sandscript:

Jai translates to praise or honor.
Guru translates to teacher.
Deva translates to Godess.

Deva in 'Across the Universe' ends in A in this song. Actual translation is femine. (i.e. Goddess)
Goddess is the Divine Mother of the Universe (hence Across the Universe)

Om of course is the sound of the universe resonating all around us.

Jai Guru DevA Om
Nothing's gonna change my world.

well that is all for now!! I hope to get more on here soon!! I am currently finishing a paper child i started during history (snickers) ^^ wish me luck!!!

please. i have missed you all dearly, so if you would be so kind as to comment, it would really help me get motivated again!!
~with love, kks~

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