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I've missed a lot of challenges lately, but I'm glad I'm able to enter this one. :) The challenge is to pick a song from the Billboard top 100 list, use the lyrics from it in a card, and make sure the scan matches up. Well, ok then! The song I chose is Paradise by Coldplay. I believe it was #39 on the list, at least when I looked at it (don't the rankings change?). And this is the original scan. <3 When I think of the song Paradise...and when I really read the lyrics, I immediately thought of Wolf's Rain, and my goodness, this scan really matched the lyrics perfectly. >> The whole plot of Wolf's Rain is to search FOR PARADISE. And the lyrics I chose mention the girl running away in her sleep...and what do you know, Cheza is sleeping in this scan. ;) So yeah, I found a lot of connections here.

I sharpened the scan, overlayed it on top of itself...then I used a bunch of textures. It was incredibly bright, way too much so, so then I added a gray gradient set on "color" to desaturate parts of the card. :) Then the text...surprisingly came to me quickly...I liked how it looked. I thought it matched the art nouveau style of the scan.

Dedicating this to Capri-chan because I <3 her so much, and she loves Wolf's Rain. :) *hugs*

Wolf's Rain eCards
cheza, coldplay, girl, paradise, wolf, wolves
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