izuzu15 (eCard Portfolio) You're doing just fine.

You're doing just fine.

This is my fifth entry for the Dedication to a friend Challenge!

I dedicate this card to yet another professor! Although I don't talk to him as mush as the previous two (1, 2) proffesors I dedicated cards to, this professor is great! Everytime he sees me under a lot of stress he always says those words to me! I love it how he adds the word kid to it!!! I love being seen as a kid. So you have no idea how much they mean to me now! Especially because although he isn't retiring yet I'm never going to take class with him again because I already took all the ones he offers so... But anyway he'll still be around! Recently I was sitting on the floor studying and he stopped to talk to me about life, his past back when he was studying and other things! It meant a lot to me, y'know!

He and the professor from this card are both architects and they studied together and then ended up working at the same place for years! They were best pals! That's what he always said!

I decided to use this pick because in this screen shot from Pandora hearts episode 22 she was super frustrated because Vincent is always so mean to her. Will of the abyss cries in the most prettiest way if you haven't watch Pandora Hearts I suggest you do and if you don't feel like watching it watch the first part of this ep so you can see how super cute she cries!!! Watch!!!!!

I used textures but I can't find the links 'cause they were pics I already had saved in my computer!!! Sorry!

The little houses pic

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alice, alyss, arisu, pandora hearts, stars, texture, will of the abyss
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