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The card is simple and quick, blame the calc. homework I have to do and the fact I spent most of the time on the review. I tried to think of some newer series I could recommend, but I kept coming back to the fact that, with few exceptions, 85% of the new anime I watch and manga I read, I end up hating. But, there is one anime that I can say with confidence will always be my solid gold favorite and one that I’ll recommend until the end of time. I think it’s a good one to recommend as well since the majority age group here has probably never seen it. I’m talking of course, as the card illustrates, about Cowboy Bebop.

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Long review is long, feel free to skip it, enjoy~ ;D
Everyone has that one anime that stands above all others, one to be revered as an icon of all things epic and spectacular. For myself, and many others, that series is Cowboy Bebop. It’s got high marks in all of the major grading points that I use when going into serious mode and start critiquing things.

The story telling aspect of this series is top-notch. Each episode is its own story containing an introduction, plot and a satisfying conclusion. It keeps things basic and the introduction episodes are about the day-to-day action filled lifestyle of bounty hunters. As the episodes go on, we’re given back story about our characters pasts and how those pasts are catching up to them. The pace isn’t too fast, too slow and doesn’t droll on for an unnecessary amount of time.

The character designs are top-notch as well. Within our four main characters, we’re given four distinct and individual character arch types. We know who they all are and the different quirks and traits to each of their personalities. Those distinct personalities are prone to clashing which leaves us with comical and serious confrontations. You’ll be laughing and cheering along with all of their endeavors. I’d also like to mention that Cowboy Bebop is also the only series I prefer to watch in English. It’s got some of the best English voice acting out there.

Probably the strongest thing in this anime, ironically, is its ending. It has a strong, action filled ending that will leave you cheering at the epic-ness of it all. It leaves you begging for more, and yet at the same time leaves you extremely satisfied. Just as each episode has an appropriate introduction, plot and conclusion. The series as a whole has all of those elements as well.

Not only all of that, but, Cowboy Bebop is one of the largest gateway series out there. By gateway, I mean a series that got people into anime in the first place. I even know people who claim to detest anime and stay away from it, but can say that they loved this series completely.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, take into account that 13 years after its creation, it’s still airing here in the U.S. on the Adult Swim network as we speak. It’s been raved by said network as, "The greatest series we have ever aired."

No matter what anime I’m watching, I find myself comparing it back to Cowboy Bebop. Was it as good as Cowboy Bebop? As compelling? As action-ey, as epic, as refined, a masterpiece? The answer is always no. I have yet to watch anything I’ve found as amazing as Cowboy Bebop. It will always be my all-time favorite and I recommend it to all of you who have yet to see it.

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