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Destruction Fail

(Card + Anime Review for a challenge. The shot probably makes more sense to those who have seen the first 4 minutes of the anime so if you haven't seen it, please read the review ^^)

Sands of Destruction is an anime based off the game of the same name (or the Japanese name of World Destruction) even though there are many differences between the two (ie same main characters but completely different backstories and personalities) but both are still good in their respective right. Since I discovered the anime first, that's what I'm trying to 'sell' here for the challenge

I found this at a wonderful store called Half Price Books and gave it a shot; I was not disappointed! Put it on in the living room and this scene near the beginning grabbed my roommates' and my attention for the rest of the series. It's 13 episodes and easily and afternoon sitting to watch...I saw the whole thing 4 times the week I got it (mostly to share it with other roomies and friends)

Sands of Destruction takes place in a world where beastmen rule over men and the seas are made of sand, so its a pretty nice atmosphere set up for those into fantasy. We start with the main character here, Kyrie who looks like a catboy working at a restaurant until the World Salvation Comittee comes in, chasing after Morte who is a part of (and currently the only member of) the World Destruction Comittee. She takes Kyrie as hostage, but then as his cat ears fall off, it is revealled that he is a human and so the hostage thing doesn't work out and both of them get shot at.

So the remainder spoiler-free plot is Morte trying to destroy the world with a thing called the Destruct Code while the life-loving Kyrie tries to talk her out of it. Along with other memorable characters like Taupy, the dwarf-bear who is small and cute but has a deep, masculine voice, Agan the smuggler, and then members of the World Salvation Committee Naja (a half-wolf) and Lia (part dragon) this anime is a comedic adventure I would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy anime!

Took the screenshot myself and the text is probably considered a cliche now ^^

World Destruction: Michibikareshi Ishi eCards
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