Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) things I'll never say.

things I'll never say.

I WORKED REALLY HARD ON THIS. AND I LOVE IT. <3333 Ok, most of you might be thinking, "Why aren't you submitting this to josephine12cute's borders challenge?" Well, yes, I am using her border...cause I loved it so much. <3 But no, this is for the AMV challenge. :))) I was really torn with what challenge to submit this to. Initially, I had different words (click for other version!)...and it was going to go to the borders challenge, but I already submitted one to it...then I thought, hmmmm I could submit it to Hi-chan's "sell it to me" challenge and write a review of Oofuri. >>' BUT. Then I was all OMG PERFECT IDEA. /changes words to lyrics

Cause yeah. When I think of my favorite has to be Battery Love by Yanny. (Unfortunately, the video was taken off of Youtube, so you have to download it there to watch it.) I first saw it a few years ago, and I fell in love; I was so sad when YT took it off, but I'm glad I found Yanny's site. I adore Abe x Mihashi, and I thought the amv was perfect. So sweet, and Avril Lavigne's lyrics matched pretty well. ^^; It's a really well-made amv. I've been rewatching Oofuri, so I figured I should go with this...

The screenshots I got here from the first opening. :) The very important hand-holding scene. <3 I cropped them and placed them underneath the borders how I wanted...sharpened them, enhanced the saturation. Oh yeah, I also had to use the stamp tool to duplicate the leaves/trees in the background for the top pic of Abe...all on the left cause the screenshot didn't all fit how I wanted it. Then I added the white shine/glow on the left. The typography I wanted nice and clean. "I would" isn't actually in the lyrics, but I thought it would make more sense with what lyrics I DID choose lol. XD; ANYHOO. I hope you like it! I do. >>' I really wanna win these prizes. XDD

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