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I made this the moment I saw the challenge, why am I so busyyyy oTL

Anyway, my anime of choice:

Dance in the Vampire Bund.
I would really like to read the manga now that I finished the anime, I hear it's very different. OwO!


This is a 12 episode series I believe...I think there's a special 13th episode but since it's really just a recap, I don't count it ^^'' Anyhow, it takes place in modern-day Japan. It starts off with the population discovering the existence of vampires when the Queen of the vampires exposes herself to the world and declares the formation of an area for her race in the making. The Vampire Bund. The series follows the formation of the Vampire Bund and those who oppose the Queen in not only this decision, but her rule as well. It also follows her on a personal level, and the relationship between her and one of her subordinates that's actually not so much a "subordinate" if you get what I mean. xD I can't give too much of a description or it spoils the surprise.

There are pros and cons to this series like any other. You have to like Vampires and Werewolves, etc, to find an interest in it for one. It's rather short, and I found it something good to watch in order to relax and just do something other than the norm. The story was cute and at the same time had a sort of sinister and dark feel to it, which I personally love. The character designs were gorgeous and everything seemed to flow rather well with some very interesting character personalities as well.

I went for a different angle making this card, mainly cause I was in the mood to try something out of the usual.

Scan: Here
Fonts are called Gantz and Birth of a Hero, both from dafont, I believe.

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