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This is my entry to Ritona Raito’s Sell it to me” challenge. Strangely enough, it seemed she knew what I would pick from the start! *laughs*

Baccano, is simply a masterpiece. It is an anime that is worth watching again and again as I feel you would catch more themes, and attributes to the story with every viewing.

It is an action/supernatural genre anime, with little bits of horror and mystery spread throughout the story. ((May I say it is not for the faint of heart when it comes to gore and blood levels. I’m sure there is worse, but it is by no means censored.))

It follows the lives of many characters, not one of them being the true main character of the story itself. The events also take place at many different and unique times in history. Just when you think events are unrelated, they are all tied together by amazing, and sometimes even comical happenings. The first few episodes are spent following the lives of several Mafioso’s, and their incredible immortal abilities. While the ones following after, record the wars of two terrorist-like groups in their struggle against one another, as both are trying to capture a transcontinental train for their own reasons. One being thrill killing, and other as a ploy to set a criminal free. Also covered in the episodes are the whiles of a talented, though evil scientist and his unwilling assistant, who are in search missing bottles of immortally elixir. All of these events are in the end, related to one terrifying night on a oceanic ship, where several alchemists were taught the price of living forever.

It isn’t all heavy though. Peppered throughout the scenes you are pleasured by the presence of Isaac and Miria. Two energetic and optimistic thieves, who spread sunshine, hope and happiness wherever it is they go.

My opinion:

It is a must for anyone who is searching for a quality anime to watch. It is gripping, and causes you to always reach for the next link, saying “just one more episode.” The characters were both lovable and developed, and the story was the best I have seen in ages. The way the plot twisted, turned, and entwined itself together in unexpected ways really made it an amazing watch. Always be prepared for the unexpected, and you will have a blast. The humor was also a highlight, they always managed to lighten your mood after a really heavy scene. I really have no words to do this anime justice.

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