Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) I want to try.

I want to try.

Sorry again, RV, that I couldn't make that Chi's Sweet Home card you wanted. XD Like I said, I didn't like how it was turning out lol...but I think you liked BL. Right? Hehe. So this is your replacement prize for getting the anime right...last week some time. I forget when. Lol. I hope you like this!

I really tried out different things. A different style...something more classy. I blame the scan because the quality was terrible. Gah, the scan remnants (wait, that isn't the word for it mind is failing me atm) were atrocious. All the lines and blurriness and crap. XD Also there's the text on the side, and I didn't want that in the card. I tried painting over the words, and then added texture and such to help the scan...but that didn't work. >> So I just made it black and white, upped the contrast, sharpened, and then painted around it black, so all you can see is the guy's faces and hands. Haha, that took care of the crappy quality. XD Um, the typography gave me some trouble...finding a place and making it look nice. But eh, I guess it's ok now. Oh, and I added that light glow in the add dimension. Or shine. Or something. And text brushwork on the left.

I hope you like it. <3

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