Lunariha (eCard Portfolio) A Smile As Small As Mine

A Smile As Small As Mine

"They might not need me; but they might. I'll let my head be just in sight; A smile as small as mine might be. Precisely their necessity." — Emily Dickinson

I'm just so glad that I came across this challenge. I really love the idea! My first time to make a card btw....anyways.
Life these past few weeks have been really stressful for me. I've had sleepless nights due to papers and exams and homeworks. SO might as well say that I look more or less like a zombie now x_x BUT I'm so thankful for those little moments that made me smile amidst all these stress.

Simple things make me smile--waking up to rainy mornings, the smell of rain, the scene of green trees at school, the clear blue sky, eating sweets, drinking soymilk, a funny punchline, a lame joke, finishing a paper, you name it! These are things that might seem insignificant at times...but to me, they're really a big thing especially in times like this. It gives me the motivation to go on. I just keep smiling (and I love that!)...who knows, my smile might just motivate someone who's in the same situation as I am or worse.

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