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Just for the Lulz

I have been an HP fan since the third book's release (i was a bit young to read the first two when they came out)

I read all of them (1-4) the week before i saw the first movie, i wanted to be prepared!

I've read the books MANY times.

(that being said, i had to check how to spell gryffindor)

I always thought Snape was a good guy, you know? Remember when he saved Harry at the quidditch tournament, all those years ago? Why would he save him if he were a villain? To me, it should have been obvious to everyone, right from the start, that Snape's heart was pure. I've always loved the character, so tortured, so dark! (A.R. plays him so well)

I've dressed up like Snape, i do a mean impression of his voice (it sounds a bit like rifraf from rocky horror... think about it) I'm in love, man! Anyway, that is why I picked Snape (plus, i have always gotten a kick out of how he always tries to be a jerk and say stuff similar to "fifty points from gryffindor, mister potter" too funny.)

Picture: LINK
Fonts used: Edwardian Script ITC and 04b_03
Program used: Adobe Photoshop

I dedicate this to you, Solenm Serpent, a fellow Snape enthusiast.

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