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Remember Me

This card is for Solemn Serpent's challenge The End of an Era.

I...almost cried while making this...multiple times, and for multiple reasons.

First of all, I started reading the Harry Potter books in 5th grade, which seems like FOREVER ago. I remember waiting for all the books from 4 on to come out. (Prior to that, I had to check them out of the school library over and over again.) I usually do a summer rereading of the entire series. (Which I haven't done yet this summer! I'd better get on it!) I feel like the HP series is the pinnacle of literature for my time period. This book series has meant everything to me.

And the entire Severus/Lily sidestory that they don't reveal until book 7?! I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT YOU, SNAPE! I DIDN'T MEAN ANY OF IT!

I wanted to incorporate part of the book into the card, since the books really meant more to me than the movies. Luckily, I found a picture of the book, and went "here's what I'll center my card around". ^^ The bottom right corner of this card took me forever. You have no idea how much stuff I put in that corner only to go "that looks stupid" and delete it. It turned out a little lighter than I would have liked, but my eyes are seriously starting to bug out from looking at it for so long.

Anyway, here's my credits. The main image of Severus came from here. The image of young Lily and young Severus came from here. The picture of Lily and Petunia came from here. The picture of the book came from this website. The "Remember Me" brush in the corner came was made by Rzeznik91. I used Photoshop Elements 2.0 for the card. I think that's all. <_<;

Hope you all like it!


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The End of an Era

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