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Officially the fastest I have ever entered a challenge. XD I was going to submit something Harry Potter related yesterday but didn't get a chance, and then Solenm Serpent made this challenge so here is my entry. Just to warn you guys, I will most likely be spamming Harry Potter related things over the next few days. *in denial that it's over*

Where to begin... Harry Potter has always been there since I can remember. I was like 6 or 7 when the first movie came out but my cousin was the one who introduced me to the books. She was nine/ten when she started reading them( when they first came out) and told me about them. I was too little to read those books... so she told me about them and I made my mom buy them to read to me XD I don't think I properly appreciated them until I was 12 and that's when I really took an interest in reading. Harry Potter is just the best type of entertainment for me, it has action, humor, morals, and an excellent and creative plot. I couldn't ask for more. These are the kind of books I don't mind reading over and over again.

When the final book came out in 2007, I stood up all night to read it and finished the book within 48 hours. I was just so speechless and blown away, especially by Severus Snape. You definitely cannot judge a book by it's cover. That is why I chose to submit the first of many HP cards of him.

Dedicated to the creator, Solenm Serpent. I know how you love your Snape :) Hope you like it.

I added some gradients, adjusted the modes, and sharpened the image a bit then added a texture and messed with that.

Original is a screencap from a trailer of the Half Blood Prince.


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