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This is my entry to Ritona Raito's challenge, 'Tell me more.'

After thinking about it for some time, I decided that the one thing that really makes me stand out is the fact that I know a lot Lots and lots of facts. (And not all of them useless!XD) I've really noticed this since switching studies at the beginning of this academic year. Last year, my study (Biomedical Engineering) was all about understanding stuff and putting it in use at the right moment. My current study (Biomedical Science) is much more about knowing stuff:) I have a very good memory, which is very useful for me now^^ I love being able to answer people's questions!

Wow, I rarely talk about myself in such a positive way...^^; I'm almost embarassed But thank you Hi-chan, for making me do just that! <3

Also, I kinda like the double meaning of the smaller text I put on the cardXD Just sayin':3 I really love puns and ambiguity in words:P

So, about the card itself - this one took me pretty long to finish. First I enhanced the colours of the image again and added a gradient. Then I went looking for a nice font I could use, I really wanted it to stand out. I found this one and thought it was perfect:3 Then I added the smaller text ABOVE the large text, for a change C: And, no tiny text this time!XD Then I wanted to find some sort of texture, to make the upper left corner in particular look less emptyXD Eventually I found this flowery one and thought it looked cute:3

Feedback, as always, is VERY much appreciated! <333

Time taken: 3-4 hours
Done in: PS 6 with tablet
Scan from minitokyo
Flower texture by Awasha on dA
Fonts: Black White Grids A and Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen from
Dedicated to: harvestmoonluvr, in return for that wonderful art you dedicated to me!<333


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