Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) magic.


How could I wait until now to enter your lovely challenge, Hi-chan?? I don't know. D: How horrible. But I remembered lol!!

I used this lovely scan. Who knew theO had a category for Aion. XD I don't even know what it is! I mean, I assume it's a game lol...but I never heard of it. It had really pretty artwork though, and lots of magical goodness! :] Perfect for this challenge. I focused on the lady with angel wings and the magical staff! So yeah, there's the magical item and such. XD (If it wasn't obvious enough as is lol.) I did what I normally do...sharpened, enhanced the saturation...and then added some gradients. Added a little more pink in there. Um, a smoke brush set on overlay to add more sparkly magicness to it. And then the text...a bit different from normal, since I didn't use any script text! OMG! ^^; And it's in the top of the card, as opposed to the middle where I usually have it. I hope it looks ok. XD

Dedicated to Capri-chan cause she is AMAZERING, and this looks like a game she might play. O:

AION: The Tower of Eternity eCards
aion, angel, birds, blue, magic, pretty
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