Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) finding peace.

finding peace.

Happy birthday to my wonderful twin, Meg! She hasn't been on theO in AGES...and who knows when she will be next, but we do text. So if you guys are friends with her and ever want to know updates on her, just ask me. :) But yeah, happy b-day to Meg! <3 (I hope she will at least take time to view this card lol!)

I used this scan. Okami is one of her favorite games, so yeah. This was a hard card to make...I'll admit. I'm not super happy with it. ^^; I worked a long time on it. >> So I am probably just tired of looking at it. XD The texture in the original scan bothers me, but I didn't want to bother painting all over it lol! So I added more texture (bad idea??). Some gradients...and yeah. As usual, the typography was difficult, but I hope it's ok!!!

Enjoy! And happy birthday, Meg!

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amaterasu, nature, okami, peace, wolf
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