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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HI-CHAN!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS* Your b-day gift is serving a dual purpose. :] I think I'm the first entry to this challenge (???), and I don't know's such a great challenge. <3 So quite obviously, I chose Hi-chan as the person to base this off IS her birthday, after all. ;) So...first impressions...well, the card says it all. Yes, Hi-chan, when I first met you, or rather, saw your cards...I was a bit jealous. I thought you were just SO freaking good, and I remember back with the old set-up of theO, with the most popular cards being on the front always took over like every spot! XD I was like "Ugh! Show-off! She's too good!" So that is the basis here...and as for using something that she has inspired, that would be the uber tiny text and also the typography in general...she's like a master with it. <33 Thanks for being such a great inspiration and friend! *hugs* Happy b-day! (I'm SO glad that first impression was pushed aside because you're one of the sweetest, most humble people around.)

So yeah, now to the card! I used this scan of her "husbando." Just add it to the pile of everything else you're getting of him! Hehe. ;D Very cool, ne? Then I did a bunch of things to help the colors and quality. Gradients, sharpness, saturation, etc...and then some bokeh brushes, too. Just added more to the concert atmosphere!

I hope you like it!!

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gainax, guitar, kamina, lights, show off, ttgl
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