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~ I ♥ Mom

Great. I thought today would be a good day, instead it was worse. I was making a card for mom when she starts yelling at me saying that im always on here and that i should do something useful instead of wasting my life. Maybe i should just stop theOtaku once and for all? I want to make her happy, but that would mean sacrificing my drawing, time here on theO...everything i love. Maybe i should forget theOtaku....and live my life as my mother wants it to be. I know she's just trying to make my life better....but...i just cant do her needs. All i want is her happiness.

I love you mother, though you never may know. My mother is my best friend, though she doesnt know. I cant and wont live without her, though she'll never know. She's the light of my life, though she'll never know. I may say bad words to you, but i'll never mean them. I do things just to see that smile on your face. I crack on you for you to laff and bring funny moments in your life. I cant express my love for you. I love you more than my life, though you'll probably never know.

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