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Ok! Time to enter this challenge again. XD My last entry was deleted *poo* so here is a new one lol. I don't know if I like it as much as the other...but it's pretty good. I hope you like it, Katty!

So...this time I used a scan from AP to be sure. Lol. This one. Super adorable. Or "totes adorbs" as I tend to say these days. XD Anyhoo, no, there's no angels per say in this I went for something different...but the image looked so innocent and light, which is what the challenge wants. So I ran with the idea that angels come in many different shapes and sizes...they don't have to have wings; there are angels here on earth that are there for us, like friends and family, and PETS! So yeah, I decided to say these kitties were little angels lol. I even gave one a halo. <3 I did something I don't normally do for cards...2 things actually--didn't add any red gradients on screen, and I used Times New Roman as a font omg. I've never used the basic of basics lol!!!

So yeah, mostly just sharpening and enhancing of the colors and then working with the typography that was a bit of trouble, but I got it done. Haha. I hope you like it! <3

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