Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) daylight robbery.

daylight robbery.

Soooo I decided to enter this challenge now. I'm dedicating it to the sweet Capri-chan, cause I thought to enter this cause of her card. XD Since she just made one for it today...and, I love her. <33

This card took A LONG TIME! It took me a long time to find an image I wanted to use...and I ended up using this one that I've had saved for a while. I was searching on FMG and zerochan and all sorts of places to find the right image, and here I just used one I had on my comp all this time lol. That's what took a lot of time...but then, as you can see, I changed a lot of the original image. Well, the colors and such. ^^; I definitely took a page out of the great Hi-chan's (ritona raito) book of how to make awesome cards. XD A similar style to how she uses yeah...probably not as good as hers, but oh well lol. I think it turned out ok! Could be better, but I think it's just since I've been looking at this forever...

Gradients and textures...and totally upping the contrast and brightness!! O__O Like, by a lot lol. And the text is inspired by Imogen Heap's Daylight Robbery. I know I made a wallpaper with the same name a long time ago. XD


P.S. The secret pretty obvious for the two in the card, right? Lol!

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