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Foolish Hope

Hello everyone! I finally managed to sit down and make a card. I've been so busy recently >3< but I had to join this challenge. I missed my chance to enter the last book related card challenge, so I decided to get my act together for this one ^^

Here we have a quote from 'The Golden Fool', part of a trilogy by Robin Hobb. I love her books so much! Particularly the character of 'The Fool', who this quote is from. A main theme of the books is the passage of time and how a single persons actions can change the future.

This, more than anything else, is what I have never understood about your people. You can roll a dice, and understand that the whole game may hinge on one turn of a die. You deal out cards, and say that all a man's fortune for the night may turn upon one hand. But a man's whole life, you sniff at, and say, what, this nought of a human, this fisherman, this carpenter, this thief, this cook, why, what can they do in the great wide world? And so you putter and sputter your lives away, like candles burning in a draught.
-- The Fool in Royal Assassin

Anyway, the quote I used in this card is this one, because it is shorter and more succinct:

"It's all connected. When you save any part of the world, you've saved the whole world. In fact, that's the only way it can be done."

[original image]

I mainly enhanced the colours with brushwork overlays. Just simple stuff really ^^

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