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Eternal Love Sign

So for this challenge I decided to recreate my Far Longer Than Forever card I made back in '08. I hate this card so much. It screams 'noob' and PhotoShop-deprived child. I remember making this when I first started experimenting with PhotoShop's blending options, and thought the outer glow tool was the best thing to come into my life since sugar. I honestly just hate the typography in this card. I would never catch myself using a pre-installed calligraphy font. Not to mention I would never tilt or add outer glow to it.

So to recreate this card I:
- Resized image and fitted canvas
- Adjusted color settings and added filters
- Sharpened the overall image
- Added typography with outer glow set on 'soft light'
- Added two textures set on 'soft light' and 'multiply'
- Added several light brushes set on 'color dodge' and 'soft light'
- Added lens flare set on 'soft light' at 59% opacity

I really like this version better. The typography was a big dislike for me in the original, but I was able to change it to Ruritania style with the miniature text-paragraph underneath for decoration. This looks so much better, and I feel it brings more attention to the couple, rather than overlapping them and distracting from the beautiful image. I also added some textures and brushes, since I apparently didn't know how to use those tools three years ago. I think this card just looks a ton better than the previous version. Blah.

On another note, I absolutely love Romeo x Juliet. I'm in the mood to rewatch the series. Sometime soon, hopefully.

( x )

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