Hikari the Wolf (eCard Portfolio) Ryuuska: Beautiful, Kind, & Deadly

Ryuuska: Beautiful, Kind, & Deadly

Beautiful, Kind, and knows how to use a gun. Who said light can never be deadly?

Ok...This is dedicated to Moani, the 2nd place winner of my challenge "My OCs in Your Style". Sorry it took long. I am forgetful. And well...school does this to me. Sorry for the late submission.^^'

Anyway, out of all the drawings of Ryuuska, this was closest, I think, to how Ryuuska is. Her outfit matched her personality and so fourth. So anyway, hope ya like it. It isn't my best and it probably looks pretty messy cause of the writing that was already there. But hey, I tried and it doesn't look so bad to me anyway...^^'

As for the saying. Ryuuska is beautiful, kind, and can and will use a gun, and for a person who looks so much like she resides over light, she's pretty damn deadly for someone so innocent looking.X3

Anyway, the drawing in the eCard was done by and belongs to: moani1582. The quote and my signature in the bottom corner only belong to me. And the character Ryuuska is also mine.

Made on: Gimp for effects and Picnik for text.


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