Quiet Noise (eCard Portfolio) GOTH { a novel of horror }

GOTH { a novel of horror }

my 2nd entry in Hulaberry32's challenge Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
I just love Otsuichi's books, they are the best when it comes to spooky, creepy and HORROR, he describes everything with so much detail that you have the whole image right before your eyes, amazing, horror fans I recommend you this novel writer, because he is the "father of horror".
GOTH is my favorite of all, that is why I made a card with it, I was waiting for a challenge like this, where you are allowed to use novels too, not only books, thanks again Hulaberry-chan, you rock, the idea was just epic^^
I used a page from a math notebook, as bg because most of the action happens around two school colleagues, Yuko and Itsuki, at school. They are a "couple" in a spooky kind of way, because one has a desire to kill the other, I'm not telling more, read the book if you wanna know more. I used some quotes from the book, because the simple cover was just too empty.

Quotes used:
"there is no meaning behind this action, but it resonates in my mind, it has a hold on me and won't let go..."
Itsuki Kamiyama

"he has a tendency to constantly seek the darkness in people, just like me"
Yoru Morino

Book's title: "GOTH - A novel of horror" (c) Otsu-Ichi
math page by Amazing Design
cover scan by Astet

Work dedicated to ToxicPurpleKiss, cause I know how much you like J-horror and the goth style too, I recommend you to read this if you haven't already. Hope you like it, although it is a little creepy...but I know you'll love it ^^ This is your very late present (you're on my list too girl^^), I know I promised you a Hakuouki card, but I think this suits you much better, hope I get to make you that card too...someday this year...

Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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