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I'm delicious when I lick my lollipop
'Cause all the girls, they want me
All the boys, they want me too

Here I am to fill the gallery with more innuendo :3 Since my first entry (the Shitsuji wa Oose no Mama ni one) was deleted, I made another card. Luckily, I had this idea in mind anyway, even if it wasn't for a challenge. The world can always use more yaoi :3

Inspiration source - now with 100% less skanky content! You can still find it on YouTube though, if you really feel like watching the music video. I know the song's stupid, but how can you not love those pots and pans? XD Oh, I think it's supposed to be a parody or something so...don't take it seriously, I guess?

This entry is less spectacular than the first one, but I didn't get any brilliant ideas for this, other than coloring the image (as usual) and adding the text. I switched the words and removed some so they'd fit the theme, and went for a T-shirt design like approach. You know, those T-shirts with words written randomly.

I'm in love with the shading on the shirt <3 Even I don't know how it came out looking so pretty, because it really sucked before I removed the original artist's lineart~ I also reconstructed his elbow, since it wasn't a big deal and I didn't want to be restricted to using the right side only.

The background is the same as the one of the first entry (third texture).
Original manga page.
Colorization - now as a PNG! Feel free to use it, but credit me, as usual.
Font: AR Cena
.PSD information: 7 layers, 2.03 MB (card); 36 layers, 1.72 MB (colorization)
Completely vectored, except for the softer shading and the lineart.

Comments, views, hugs, favs and/or rotten tomatoes are welcome and greatly appreciated :3

if (desktopwallpaper==this)

I'm such a nerd.

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