josephine12cute (eCard Portfolio) I need a GIRL...

I need a GIRL...

Still haven't slept. I really haven't slept for over 48 hours... -_-

Currently waiting for a download to finish so I made a card just to kill time. I actually started this a while ago, but I did not have a mood to finish this... so, here it is!

Inspired from "I need a girl" by Taeyang (a BIGBANG member). I really like the tune and lyrics of this song. And I also like the dance moves. I prefer the dance version music video since Taeyang is so hot! XD See it for yourself (links to the dance version music video with English subs ^^)!

It reminded me already of Sakura Kinomoto since the lyrics had a message like I need a girl who is pretty no matter what she wears and does although its not really like that. I first had the concept of using filmstrips, but I'm too busy to ACTUALLY do that. And I've thought that the Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura is a kid with costumes so I decided to use the Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicle (since she also wears costumes and much more suitable for a grown-up and she is a grown-up). She's very pretty so she's suitable, I actually prefer her than the CCS one. Still, both are lovable.

I decided to make the color of the 10th pic different so it would stand out. That one is my favorite Tsubasa Sakura picture.

Images used:
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Dedicated for twinklesakura :)) One of the best subscribers I ever had!

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