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So this is what I did 2 days ago while taking a brake from writing an essay, a little morbid, but I like the way it turned out, that's what you create after 4 hours of writing non-stop...
I like BLAME! and I didn't see much works here dedicated to it, it's a shame, but I'll fix that ^^

This was suppose to be an entry for a challenge, "A word" by ecnelisterger but when I read the rules more carefully I realized that it doesn't remind me of any of my friends from the O, oh God who would wanna inspire the word "hell"? so I'll think up an idea to associate with a friend of mine and associate it with a word...it will be interesting...

Here on this card I really loved the way the text is written on her arm, like a tattoo, the kind who is in the process of healing...it's an effect I've always wanted to try ^^ The character's name is Cibo, I like her, she so hot here.
I dedicate this card to my friend bonitachika792, who features in my project, hope you like it, although it's morbid...

original artwork (c) Mohanad
blood stains by Yami
splatter by aby7777

I have a few versions of this card, I'll post them all 5 of them...yeah I know, too much, but don't kill me unless you see them all, the changes are minimal, but still the small change make the card look different...

Blame! eCards
anime, black, blame!, blood, by quiet noise, cibo, dark, girl, gothic, hell, manga, pandemonium, red
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