Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) chained and drowning.

chained and drowning.

I am so depressed right now. I had quite the emotional breakdown, lots of crying and hyperventilating. I'll most likely post about it tonight. Posted. Don't worry, it isn't anything that's the end of the world. It isn't a death or an accident or injury or anything. But it's serious to me, very.

So what'd I decide to do with my time, while trying to recover??? MAKE A CARD. A kinda depressing cryptic card. By george, I never thought I'd EVER make a Bleach card. I am not a fan of the series (sorry to the billions out there that are), but I am a big fan of Kine in Aqua's art. <3 It's always so shiny and sparkly and perdy. So when I found this scan, I was in love~ It was just so pretty! And had a lot of emotion in it. Perfect for what I wanted to convey.

Some gradients, upped the colors, added some texture, and then did the text. I'm rather happy with how it came out, even if I'm not very happy right now lol. I was going to dedicate this to a friend, but I'd rather not dedicate a card that has such negative feelings in it to anyone in particular lol. XD Regardless, I hope you like it! ^^;;

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bleach, depressed, drowning, flowers, guy, hitsugaya, kine, kine in aqua, lost, water, water lilies
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