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"Why despite being in your Arms,
my Heart still hurting so much?"

Hello!~ How are you?^_^
This is my late entry for the challenge "Bad Romance" by Ritona-san!^ w ^
Sorry,I'd submit it yesterday,but I wasn't feeling very well...T_T

Wow!This card is quite different compared with what I usually do!XD LOL!~
I think that's because it's more serious...O.O
Anyway,I'm really glad with the final result this card!=^_^=

For it I used 3 textures,2 colorful-gradient layers,text brushes and some filters!
I like so much the scan!^_^ Actually,I LOVE UlquiHime!* w *
The quote appeared shortly after I look the scan!I don't know why,but even they're hugging,conforting each other,it's as if they's suffering so much...Well,it's what I think!XD

Ritona-san,this card is dedicated for you,my dear friend!^_^
I hope you're well!*hugs*
Thanks for all!^ w ^

*Special Credits*

*-Artist:Rusky [Image from e-shuushuu.net]

*-Textures: {DeviantArt}
-Hattu-Aki and regularjane[1 and 2]

*-Brushes: {DeviantArt}

I hope everyone like this card!~ ^_^
Thanks for all the wonderful comments,Faves and Hugs!

Take care!~

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