Hikari the Wolf (eCard Portfolio) This Is What Happens...

This Is What Happens...

This is what happens when you mess with magic and don't even know how to use it right...
You end up in this situation.

Oh god! Yuffie what have you done to Vincent?!XD*laughs and falls off the sofa but Vincent points the gun to my face*Oi! I was kidding...You look...very pretty Vinny!*laughs at my own comment and Vincent turns the safety off*Alright. Alright. I'm done...But c'mon Vinny. Ya need to learn to laugh at yourself some time in life...*as Vincent goes to deal with Cait Sith and Yuffie, I pick pocket him taking all his guns and ammo and dash to a safe place.*

*clears throat*Well, yeah. Thought this was funny and made a card out of this picture. As I see it, Yuffie accidentally poofs Vincent into a dress with a heart wand.*points the heart wand in the corner, Yuffie is holding*

Yes, when you don't even know how to use magic and you mess with it...You end up like Vincent and this situation!X3

Hope nothing went wrong afterwards. Eh...I got his weapons. Wonder how much damage he can do without em'....*loads the gun and shoot at a target and gets bull's eye*


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accident, cait sith, dress, final fantasy, final fantasy vii, heart, magic, vincent valentine, wand, yuffie kisaragi
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