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You could consider this friendship... Cause now, you guys should know if you've watched at least Season One of Hetalia. I won't say it though. The exposure button was bothering me because I had done so much when I realized how bad it look and so I couldn't go back and adjust the exposure. I also dislike the stretch in the picture once I fixed the size.

Program: Picnik (online program - I have the Premimum for a year)
Time: 20 minutes (I'm stupid for taking so long)
Anime: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Pairing: Holy Roman Empire x Italy (Chibitalia)
Dedication: None, because it seems odd to dedicate this card to someone. lol, who knows why...

I support HRE x Italy :D And, with no shame, I support Feliciano x Lovino/Romano. Yes, I'll admit it. I suppot Itacest. ^-^"

Highlight only if you've watched at least Season One:
They kissed, ya know. XD And then HRE left! How could he?! People are always calling Italy bisexual because he liked HRE, who is now Germany... I kept thinking HRE was someone totally different until I read some fanfiction and talked to Na-chan about it. I'm an idiot. Yes, I sure am... Ah! Sudden realization! HRE is technically a bisexual as well because he liked Italy! lol But the thing was he always thought Italy was a girl. They both have no clue (or at least in Season One they don't -- I'm only on episode 28 cause I got a virus watching Hetalia, so please do not spoil if they eventually find out!) about the past so, well, you know. lol Yup long Spoiler use.

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