Bleachic (eCard Portfolio) *I Remember You*

*I Remember You*

I finally got my submission for this challenge. I decided to go with Oboro and Gennosuke as inspiration and Skid Row's 'I Remember' as the theme of the card. When I watched Basilisk, it reminded me so much of a feudal Romeo and Juliet, but I fell in love with it. The ending, I thought, was amazingly beautiful and epic. I'm talking hours of bawling my eyes out.

Well, anywho, I chose to use Oboro and Gennosuke becuase, well, if you're willing to take your own life in order to save the one whom you love and then give your life for someone who gave theirs for you...well, doesn't that just say romance? To be honest with everyone, the most epic part was when Gennosuke-Sama took Oboro into his arms, walked into the river, took his life, and floated into the sunset alongside the woman he ever so much loved. Can that get anymore romantic or what?

As for the Skid Row song, well, I absolutle love it! I wanted to put the entire chorus, but it turned out to be too much. So instead, I took two of my favorite parts that also best suited (I think) Oboro and Gennosuke.

I decided to dedicate this to Elix3r, for new friendship! I promise I will post my profile as soon as I touch up on some of the little details! LMAO!

Well, that's it really. Oh, yeah, credits...I forgot. Well, credits go to Google for the image and Skid Row/Sebastian Bach for 'I Remember.'

Okay, now that's really it. That's all I got. I mean, I'm sure I could babble on and on about the subject, but I'm sure you don't want to really sit here for the rest of your lives reading what I have to say! LMAO!

Well, tah for now my friends!

*Hugs and Kisses to All!


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