innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) Beauty Within

Beauty Within

"Love me for the beauty within"

- Image is of the Vocaloid GUMI; created by Tama.
- Textures used: 1, 2, 3, and 4.
- Brushes from Obsidian Dawn Resources and Aethereality.
- Created with GIMP.

I was in the mood to make a card and these words were in my head, so this is what was created^^ You can find everything I used up at the top in the credits. Added the 4 textures, had about 8 layers in all, used bokeh brushes at the bottom of the card and some glow brushes at the bottom as well, and then added the flower brushes on the side. The original image's colors are very light/bright, so I wanted to make the image have a more warm, glow feeling to it. More of the brown/orange colors. I hope the brushwork isn't too much, kind of having second thoughts on all of that. XP But overall, I think it turned out pretty good^^ I hope you like it as well!

I wish people would fall more in love with people by who they are on the inside and not their appearance. Or even befriend people by who they are on the inside. Beauty on the inside is much more important to me than appearance. One of my main goals for myself is to stop judging people so much by their outward self and focus more on who they're as a person, because you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I hope you all agree with me cause they're a lot of beautiful people in this world that don't get much credit I believe.

Dedicating this to Angel cause he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met on this site and because of his kindness towards me. You really notice people for who they are within and I really admire that about you! You show people's true beauty perfectly. Thank you for all the sweet words you tell me and for your genuine self. You make me feel better as a person. ^_^ So thank you again my dear friend for everything. You're a bright light in my life. *hugs*

Thank you all so much for viewing my card^^ Also for all the support! My last wallpaper still hasn't uploaded properly, but thank you to those who commented on it anyways! :D Take care~

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