innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) But I see you.

But I see you.

Song: Darling I do

I really love this song^^ It's from the Shrek Forever After movie and it's so beautiful and uplifting. <3 So the words on this card, "I know plenty of people with eyes closed, they don't see you like I do" are from this song. ^^

Anyway, wow so the end of Fullmetal Alchemist, both the Brotherhood anime and manga, has ended. O.O That's so hard to believe. I never got into the manga as much, though I have read some chapters here and there. But I have been both animes and am currently watching Brotherhood. XD I have already spoiled myself with the ending when the last manga chapter came out last month. <3 Loved it, made me want to cry. This anime/manga has one of the best stories and characters ever created. Arakawa, the creator, is so talented and I bow to her skills. Fullmetal Alchemist I would say has inspired me and helped me through some times in my life because of the strong characters and inspirational messages that are given out throughout. So if you need a new anime to watch or read a new manga, check this one out cause it's a masterpiece. It can show you how to have a "Fullmetal Heart" just like Edward. :)

I created this card with this image. I thought it was really beautiful and I was looking for an image like this, so I fell in love with it and just had to use it! I have no idea who the artist is though. T.T Anyway, I used about 5 textures, added some swirl brushes, added the text, and yay, here is the card^^ Took about an hour to make. Sorry if it's not the best looking, but I do like how it turned out in the long run. ^_^

Now the real reason why I even made this card is because it's dedicated to one of my best and closest friends, Caprisha. Caprisha, I remember we met about 3 years ago because of that one Edward card I created. Wait let me find it...ah, here it is. XD Haha goodness, looking back on this card just makes me giggle. It holds a lot of memories for both of us. Cause of this card, it led us to being friends so I have to thank myself for making it and also to thank you for commenting on it. Soon afterward, I sent you a message to thank you for commenting on my card and then we started our regular messages to one another. Added one another as friends on MyOtaku, commented on eachother's posts, fanart, etc. A few months after we gotten to know eachother is when one of my darkest times in my life started, when I went into that horrible, horrible depression. That was when you shared all of your bad times in your life with me, all the thoughts, feelings, etc, I admired your honesty to me and your helpfulness. You basically told me your life story, even though it was hard for your to recall those memories and to trust me at the time, but you did so anyway to help me and comfort me. You have no idea how much you helped me with your words. You made me feel that I am not alone in this world who feels this way or has these certain thoughts. When all I could see was darkness, you helped me find the light again. That's why I say your my guardian angel because I do believe God wanted us to meet. Your strength, courage, positivity, and kindness has helped me become a better person in my life Sis, and you are a big part of my life now. I know there are times in our friendship where I wasn't there for you or was not kind, and I do apologize for all those times. I kick my stupidity for doing that to you. You're a beautiful person Sis and I hope you remember that. You're going to do big things someday that will affect many others in a great way. Heck, you're already doing that now! You're a life save and I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for being my friend. I'm not worth your friendship, so to have you as a friend is a big blessing. So with this new Fullmetal Alchemist card, now with a smiling Edward AND Alphonse, our friendship has grown beyond the years and I hope it will continue to grow as the years go on^^ And as the words on this card say, there will be people in life who might treat you poorly or put you down, but that's because they have their eyes closed and don't see the beauty you have inside of you, but as for me, I will ALWAYS see that shining light of yours. :) God bless you Sis and thank you again. *hugs*

If you want to know the textures I made with this, just tell me and I can tell you. I'm too lazy to write down all the names of who created them. They're all from deviantart though^^

Thank you to those who commented, hugged, faved, etc.! I apologize for not being so active the past few days, been busy^^; But thank you for all the support! Take care and Happy 4th of July to those who live in the USA. :D

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