Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) Signs of spring.

Signs of spring.

This is the first of...I guess just 2 entries I'll do for this challenge. XD This is really really different...for me...cause there's no anime/manga character or sports in it! Lol. Just flowers. This is the literal card for this challenge, haha. I used just photos I took of flowers around my house. Peach blossoms, and then in the little photos, little white things I don't remember, and yellow daffodils. You can't see the daffodils though. This is the second version of what I had in mind before...which involved small photos of all these "stacked" or like...tacked to a wall, but I didn't like how it looked. :/ Now I'm afraid this is too crowded looking or messy. Oh well. ^^;;

Gradients and textures. That's it! Oh, and strokes around the edges to be a "frame." XD That's all, but this took over an hour! And I know it's almost summer really...spring is just about gone, but oh well. These were taken in March! Maybe april? Lol.

Dedicated to Capri-chan cause she complimented this flower photos of mine and loves flowers, too! ^_^ Enjoy~

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Have fun with FLOWERS!!

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