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we do more thinking than acting.

I'm shocked and yet totally not that theO doesn't have a Darkside Blues category. BUT IT'S SUCH A CLASSIC I LOVE DARKSIDE HE'S SO HOT. Lol. XD Darkside Blues was one of the first anime moves I saw...many many many years ago. It has such a great storyline, and the art's quality is superb. <3 Old-school goodness. Too bad there wasn't a challenge for ecards...for like old-school anime submissions, or series that don't have categories. I know there's one for wallpapers, so maybe once my challenge finishes, I'll create something like this. :D

Anyhoo, used this scan that I've had in my folders for a while. I wanted to make a wallpaper out of it some time, but that never worked out. So here's a card!! :) I duplicated the layer a few times, did some different blending effects, and then added that wonderful texture...with the clouds and stuff. And then, the text. Fun fun. I think it turned out ok. It's a bit different from my usual style, so yeah. XD

Dedicated to Ritona cause she's an awesome graphic artist, and I don't think I've dedicated anything to you yet (have I??). Enjoy!

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act, cloud, clouds, contemplation, darkside, darkside blues, delay, sky, sometimes, think
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