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There by your side

Hello there my wonderful friends ^^

Ah I must say it's been a bit since I've been here...I guess I felt that after bursting out like that, a break was a bit of a necessity. I've been spending a lot of my time gathering my thoughts and thinking about what you all have said to me, and it really means a lot when I get such a warm response from so many caring, kind, and loving people. To my friends, you've been the best ever and more and I wouldn't wish for anyone else to be there by me!

So out of wasting time from not doing school work and sheer inspiration, I decided to make this card for you all ^^ I was looking through my Arina Tanemura art book and I found this absolutely touching image, and I just had to find it online and make a card out of it. It says a lot, especially the expressions on their faces, about what they might be thinking and feeling. I love it ^^

You all have been there for me, so this is to each and everyone of you. Thank you to everyone that helped me through that difficult episode: I'm struggling a bit still, but I'm sure one day I'll find a balance. This is for you. ^^

From Gin-Yu Meika: which doesn't have a category here surprisingly...I wonder if maybe this will be the first for it?
Enjoy everyone~

Picture and Gin-Yu Meika(c)Arina Tanemura
Brushes/text/textures added in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 with a mouse

Let me know if you'd like to know where I got my textures ^^ I actually used mostly patterns for this one. But I do think it came out fairly well. Take care everyone, and thank you so much my friends! I love you so much!

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