Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) an artist's love.

an artist's love.

Wooooo. <3 This card is for Blue Latte's love themed challenge. :) I didn't think that I would make a card for it the same day it was created, but gah! I just had to. >D I found this SCAN and fell in LOVE love LOVE! It's so beautiful. :) I'm not sure who the artist is because it doesn't say, but I believe he/she is Chinese.

I did a few things to it to make the colors more vibrant and added a little more green. Then I added the same texture lightly as I did on my last card. And then...that decorative brush above the text, and then the typography itself! My typography class is teaching me a few more techniques that I can use. ^^ Hence the slightly different style than what I've done before.

The quote is straight from my little noggin, no lyrics this time. XD I'm really proud of how this came out. I hope you like it, too! <3 I dedicate this to Rachel (will you even see it?? lol, I miss you!) because the girl reminded me of some of her pieces and her style. Enjoy!

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